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film is better

film is better

My name  is Chris; I established RetroCine to provide film enthusiasts a source for supplies and tools related to 16mm, 8mm and Super8 film. RetroCine has numerous products that allow do-it-yourself and low budget film makers to shoot, process and develop film at home with minimal effort and all levels of experience.

Black & White Reversal Processing Kit

We sell a complete, pre-measured kit of B&W reversal processing chemistry for do-it-yourself processing.  The kits are the result of inquiries about complete kits that are easy to use. These kits are the answer to those queries…

More information on developing kits

16mm & 8mm Magazine Reloading

RetroCine offers reloading services for 16mm magazines and 8mm magazines. Cameras that take magazine are compact, very easy to use and are quick change magazines in the field without fumbling about threading spools, particularly double 8mm spools which need to be re-threaded to expose the second side.

Other than a very few internet articles, there has not been a source for reloading the magazines themselves, we provide this service…

More information on magazine reloading

Pre-loaded 16mm & 8mm Magazines

Retrocine will be offering both 8mm and 16mm magazines pre-loaded with film and including processing, starting in Fall 2016! Now users of magazine cameras can once again use these very convenient, compact and easy to load cameras.

You shoot the film – we handle the rest . . .

The Stock Room

In the Stock Room you will find items available for purchase. These will include filters, lenses, projection bulbs and more.

RetroCine continues to develop product solutions for film makers; please check back for the latest offerings.

RetroCine.com Founder

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