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RetroCine offers reloading services for 50’ 16mm magazines and 25′ double 8mm magazines. These cameras are compact, and very easy & quick to change magazines in the field without fumbling about threading spools, particularly double 8mm spools which need to be re-threaded to expose the second side. However, other than some internet articles, there has not been a source for reloading the magazines themselves.  RetroCine has been reloading both 16mm and 8mm magazines for years & has fabricated equipment specifically needed to reload the magazines repeatedly, consistently and reliably.

16mm magazine reloading:

The customer sends in a 16mm magazine and a roll of 16mm filmstock of any type desired. The filmstock must be double perforated (2R) 16mm film in order to function in the 16mm magazines. Typically, 16mm filmstock is purchased on 100’ spools which is enough film to load two (2) 50’ magazines.  So, it makes sense to send in two (2) magazines for every 100’ spool of filmstock supplied.

8mm magazine reloading:

8mm magazine
The customer sends in a double 8mm magazine and a standard 25’ roll of 8mm filmstock of any type desired.


The magazines will first be inspected, lubricated and tested for proper operation as needed.  The filmstock is then wound onto the special magazine core, threaded into the magazine in complete darkness, magazine reassembled and returned to the customer.

Reloading Price:

The price for reloading either 16mm or 8mm magazines is $10.00 per magazine (plus shipping). Shipping cost is a USPS flat-rate of $5.90 within the US, including delivery confirmation, for up to 4 magazines. Outside the US, contact us for shipping rates.


Additional Services:

In addition, if the customer then sends back the exposed film in the magazine along with new filmstock to be loaded into the magazine, RetroCine will re-spool the exposed film back onto a spool, reload the magazine with the new unexposed filmstock and mail everything back to the customer for $10.00 per magazine (plus shipping). The customer can then have it processed anywhere they wish.

What if I don’t have any magazines?

RetroCine can supply a limited number of empty 8mm and 16mm magazines.  It has taken years to accumulate a reasonable number of useable magazines; as a result there is a “core charge” of $20.00 for each magazine supplied.  The core charge is refunded upon request when the magazine is returned permanently.  A core charge is needed, as some magazines will not be returned otherwise.

Reloading turnaround time:

Turnaround time for 16mm magazine reloading is typically 2 business days after receipt of the order.

Double 8mm magazines employ a novel “reverse wind” for the film, in order to simplify the film path within the magazine.  It takes a minimum of two weeks after winding on the special magazine cores for the film to take the proper reverse-wind set.  As a result, the turnaround time for double 8mm magazine reloading is at least two weeks.

A caution on use:

A word regarding magazine operation: 16mm and 8mm magazines have not been manufactured for many years.  Existing magazines have been reloaded scores of times, if not hundreds, by different labs & people over the years. Every magazine we receive will be inspected, lubricated and tested for proper operation.  In reloading magazines for almost 15 years, we occasionally find one that is no longer serviceable due to wear.  As a result of careful inspection before use, we have only experienced 2 magazine jams in that time.

Even Kodak expressly stated the possibility of a magazine jam in the instructions shipped with each magazine back when they were new!  So, in the very unlikely event that a jam occurs, RetroCine will reload a magazine at no cost to the customer (customer still needs to supply the film and shipping); in addition, we can usually salvage the film in the magazine.

RetroCine can only provide this limited reloading warranty, as age, wear, combination of magazine & camera, and actual use can vary widely.


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